5 Actors Who Deserve More Respect

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Posts About Anything
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There are actors that receive all the hate in the world when it comes to films.  Maybe because their films suck, maybe because of their personal lives, maybe because they don’t like dogs, who knows for what other reasons.  Some of these actors really do suck and should not even be close to a movie, because they will automatically make it a piece of crap, like Kristen Stewart, for example.  Others, they don’t deserve to be made so much fun of and hated so much.  Here is a list of some of these actors.

1. Nicolas Cage


“Yeah, I’m a pretty good actor.” -Nicolas Cage

Okay, he does appear in any movie fo which he is offered a role, no matter how stupid the movie is.  And maybe some of his movies suck (alright, I won’t lie, most of them suck).  But one cannot joke about him just because of this.  In fact, even if no one would ever want to agree, Nicolas Cage is one of the best actors out there today.  It does not matter what movie he is in, be it a great movie like Kick-Ass or a bad one like Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage always gives a hell of a performance.  He is able to always portray an actor in a way that no other actor could have done it.  It is like this in ALL of his movies: he puts all of his heart into his characters.  Should people be reminded that he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1996 for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas?   Roger Ebert wrote about him once, “However improbable his character, he never winks at the audience. He is committed to the character with every atom and plays him as if he were him.”  I completely agree with him on this, and I’m sure that if many people payed attention to his acting , instead of making jokes about him, they would agree too.

2. Adam Sandler

"Wait, you think Michael Cera is funny, and I'm NOT?!" -Adam Sandler

“Wait, you think Michael Cera is funny, and I’m NOT?!” -Adam Sandler

Critics absolutely hate this guy.  As soon as they see the name “Adam Sandler” in any movie, they will automatically give the movie a bad review.  But, seriously, how could you hate this guy?  You are talking about the guy from classics such as Mr. Deeds, Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore.  It is impossible to hate this guy.  If there is one thing you should know about Sandler, it’s that he does not really give that much thought to plot and character development in most of his movies (with the exception of movies such as Click and Funny People).  What he wants is to make people laugh, and that is exactly what he does.  Even in movies like That’s My Boy, which is not great Adam Sandler, it is nearly impossible to say that you did not laugh your ass off with his character.  It is obvious that if you are looking for a movie that leaves you thinking or inspires you, an Adam Sandler movie is probably not what you should watch.  Adam Sandler is a comedian, and he will always be a comedian, and a good one at that.

3. Colin Farrell

"Fuck it, I'm Irish." -Colin Farrell

“Fuck it, I’m Irish.” -Colin Farrell

Here’s one I really do not get.  So many people say that Colin Farrell sucks as an actor, but I still cannot get my brain to understand why they say this.  Okay, maybe in the Total Recall remake, he kind of sucks.  But other than this, I cannot think of a movie in which he does not give a good performance, especially these last couple of years.  He gives an over-the-top performance in Seven Psychopaths and gives the performance of a lifetime in what is possibly my all-time favorite movie, In Bruges.  Let’s not about forget his funny as hell performance in Horrible Bosses.  I would love to know more reasons for why people don’t like him as an actor, but I just can’t figure them out.  Colin Farrell is just awesome.

4. Rob Schneider

"Whatever Adam Sandler says." - Rob Schneider

“Whatever Adam Sandler says.” – Rob Schneider

Come on now, how can anyone not love this guy?  He is on 99% of all Adam Sandler movies and is always the funniest actor in the movie along with Sandler.  He is basically Adam Sandler with a different name.  Critics absolutely hate his movies (since most of them have Sandler in it).  And let’s not even start with the movies he stars in.  Could the Deuce Bigalow series have worse reviews, from critics and audience alike?  This set aside, one has to admit that he is hilarious.  Similar to Adam Sandler, his goal in a movie is to make the audience crack up, nothing else, and this is exactly what he does.  Do you not laugh just by looking at him in all of his cameos in Adam Sandler movies?

5. John Cusack

"Is this the face of a mad genius?" -John Cusack

“Is this the face of a mad genius?” -John Cusack

“Meh, he’s okay.”  That’s the most frequent answer I get whenever I ask someone if he or she likes John Cusack.  I’m gonna go ahead and say it: John Cusack is one of my favorite actors.  He is a weird guy, I know.  But that is what makes him such a great actor.  Many of his roles show him as an offbeat, mentally frustrated person, which are exactly the roles that he does best.  Movies like 1408 show how good of an actor he is in this type of role.  I am sure that the reason people do not find him as such an intriguing actor is because of the same reason I find him to be such a great one: that weird, quirky image that he gives out in most of his movies.  People find this to be sort of boring, but this is basically the most important aspect of his acting style.  He tries to focus on his character’s development throughout the movie, trying to explain to his audience why his character is like that, while making the audience care about him.  John Cusack is not only a superb actor, he is also a genius when it comes to his movies.  He deserves as much respect as actors like Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep.

Do you think this is a good list?  Would you add or take out some actors?  Leave your comments below!

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    Adventureland wasn’t bad 😦

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