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Rating: 3/4

If there is one thing I hate about movies that try to deal with the post-apocalyptic world, it is that they all show us more of the same.  Earth is a complete wasteland.  The protagonist is usually searching for other signs of human life, be it by himself or with one or two other people that have survived whatever struck Earth.  Of course, they usually find a group of humans that are living in a small, hidden community they have created, and together, they fight off whatever attacked them, giving Earth a new chance to be what it once was.  This is what I was expecting when I was about to watch “Oblivion“, more of the same.  Turns out that I was wrong.  “Oblivion”, while following parts of the usual simple-minded plot of post-apocalyptic movies, is able to give the plot some unexpected tweaks that make of Oblivion a pretty good movie. (more…)



The Hangover brought us a hilarious new look into what can happen after an awesome night of partying.  The Hangover Part II brought us more of the exact same thing, but equally hilarious.  Now, after receiving so many criticism for what was done in the second part, Todd Phillips brings us the final chapter to this record-setting franchise.  And based on the looks of it, The Hangover Part III will follow a completely different plot.  This time, there is no wedding, and apparently, not even a hangover; this one will be going a whole different way.  Watch the two trailers that have been put out to the public now!



Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a movie in which hundreds of things explode and thousands of asses are kicked?  Well, I absolutely love these movies.  And many of these times, these movies don’t even have that good of a plot (with the exception of any Tarantino movie), they just have extremely badass actors.  For example, the Transporter series.  They are all basically the same, and they are definitely not that good if you think about it.  However, with an actor like Jason Statham as the star of the movie, how can one say that movie is not awesome?  They’re not good movies, but they are definitely badass movies, which are completely different things.  Here is a list of the actors who, in my opinion, deserve the award of the Most Badass Actors.*

*Note:  The actors are not in order, that’s up to everyone to decide.




There are actors that receive all the hate in the world when it comes to films.  Maybe because their films suck, maybe because of their personal lives, maybe because they don’t like dogs, who knows for what other reasons.  Some of these actors really do suck and should not even be close to a movie, because they will automatically make it a piece of crap, like Kristen Stewart, for example.  Others, they don’t deserve to be made so much fun of and hated so much.  Here is a list of some of these actors.


Pineapple Express, possibly the best stoner film of all time, will be having a sequel!  The commercial has finally hit the web, and shows the two smoking buddies in a quest like no other: the assassination of Woody Harrelson (at least that’s what Red thinks).  Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the film will also count with Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill… Wait, what?  Didn’t a trailer with these same guys come out a month or two ago?

Oh… That’s why.

This is the End will come out June 14, 2013.



Will you be watching this movie when it comes out?